Don’t drunkenly try to automated mundane shit

And if you do, make sure you commit to git first.

I foolishly started writing my automated domain setup scripts on my servers as I try to get the work flow down packed. I very rarely get free time for projects and more, and having the DNS and web hosting get auto-configured would be a great first step into getting some of my stale domains generating traffic again.

Unfortunately for me, I had a couple hours of free time the other night and thanks to the bourbon and netflix, I wrote a script that rewrote all my DNS files with filled templates.

Moral of the story; don’t netflix and code. Or… drink and code?

No. That’s not it. Both of those are fine.

Moral of the story is my emails aren’t working now. Nor the news reader. Nor the online radio station. But SubOhm is working so that’s good.

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