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AWS Setup Thing

I dont have a name for this. Basically, I needed instances with no public IP address to have access to the internet for yum and stuff like this. Here's how I achieved that in 2020:

Create VPC Create three subnets in VPC: web-facing, non-web-facing, nat-net Create three route tables: web-facing, non-web-facing, nat-rt Create single internet gateway Create NAT gateway into the nat-net subnet IMPORTANT: YOU MUST CREATE IT INTO ITS OWN SUBNET

Now, configure your non-web-facing route table so that goes to your nat gateway.

In nat-rt, configure to go to your IGW.

THat should do it. Launch your instances into the non-web-facing subnet and they will have internet access.

It's worth noting too that you need to make sure your security groups OUTBOUND rules permit traffic to the internet.

I dont know what you have setup. The above worked fine for me, and it's on a brand new account.