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Australian Business? Use a .au

I know, I know. If I'm being totally honest here, I was peeved when another company took subohm.com and straight-up ripped off every idea I had on the .au domain. I completely understand. But really, I feel like I need to verbally blurt this shit out because it's not 1990 and people don't get confused by weird gTLDs anymore. Well.. not as much as they used to.

There is this stigma currently going around makes people believe they require a .com address for their domain and whilst that is relatively, mildly true, it's not totally the case anymore. As little as five years ago, securing your brands domains was considered 'good security', because it meant spammers couldn't purchase your companies name in a .co.uk or similar format and send phishing attempts against your employees. This was a hot business and something I briefly considered moving into but didnt have the resources to start up (goddamn did I try though (pro tip; dont announce a rebrand before you buy your domains guys)). These days, people aren't doing it as much and I see a lot of businesses just ignoring the .com all-together in favor of their .com.au - kudos to you.

Small businesses though? If your work is primarily online based - lawyers with emails, hosting companies, MSPs, online retail, etc - you'll probably feel the need to pickup a .com address for your business and this is totally fine. Hell, use .com for your emails if you want - literally noone cares. But if you have yourbusinessname.com and you spend thousands on SEO then I can almost guarantee you're missing out on leads from search engines entirely based on your domain.

What brought this up? I'm currently scanning Google results for a pretty specific thing, and for legal reasons I need to source it from an Australian publication to ensure it's validity. I put "australia" as a search term and I'm just scanning the results domains for a .au before I even look at the description or page name. That's when I realized, my lawyer uses a .com address and most of the lawyers coming up in this search are using a .com address. I clicked onto one lawyers site - absolutely no mention of locality on the first page. I am not clicking further.

Word of mouth is the single greatest marketing tool you can leverage, but if you're trying to convert Google searches into leads then you're going to have a bad time without a .au domain - which requires the registrar to be a registered business in Australia mind you.

Stop using .coms. Use .aus and squat on the .coms. It's fine, like I said; noone cares. But we care if we can't identify you as aussie off the bat.